Alexander City's governing body is the city council - a six member group of representatives who make decisions on behalf of the local residents. Whether working to maintain the Charles E. Bailey Sr. Sportplex or dealing with improving city streets, Alexander City's city council takes a hands-on approach.


Alexander City uses a mayor-council form of government, and all officials with lawmaking powers are elected to office by city residents. The council meets the first and third Monday of the month immediately following the pre-council meeting that begins at 5:30 pm in the courtroom in the Criminal Justice Building.



City Council

District 1 - Bobby Tapley  -  256.392.0344

District 2 - Audrey "Buffy" Colvin - 256.750.0663

District 3 - Charles "Scott" Hardy - 256.496.2450

District 4 - John Eric Brown - 256.397.1421

District 5 - Thomas J. Spraggins - 256.234.3609

District 6 - Timothy Byron Funderburk - 256.825.2993

Administrative Assistant

District Map

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